It must be made clear that my assignment here today is to present a talk and not a
lecture. I am also convinced that the choice to keep the assignment within the frame of
just a talk is very appropriate for the audience and occasion as we have here today. I
am therefore going to do just what I have been assigned to do and to the best of my
Before going properly into the focus of our talk, permit me to express my appreciation to
the KICC as a global Church/Christian Organization for the vision to create a generation
of Christians equipped with the proper knowledge and application of the teachings of
the Bible, and as such become champions dominating their societies. KICC to me is not
just a Church; it is an institution of learning for Christians who bear in their soul, the
longing to live out the true meaning of the truth that shall set humans free, and how not
to perish for the want of knowledge. It is therefore on this score; I wish to thank God for
the KICC vision and all those He is using in turning that vision into mighty
Now back to our topic; National Orientation and the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria. It
is an interesting topic to discuss for so many reasons. This is most especially because
of our different views about elections into public office in our country, and secondly;
because of the level of divisive tendencies that now experience.
Orientation simply means sustained attitude, and attitudes are developed over time
through learning, norms, traditions and other processes of socialization. The people of
every society or nation are often identified with certain attitudes which are common
among them and peculiar to them as a people. Their societies are shaped by these
attitudes with which they are identified. The Americans are identified with their attitude
of patriotism to the American nation; they put their country’s interest above any other
interest. They are also very business minded as they are known to be interested only in

things that ensures benefits to them and they can go to any length to seek and enforce
their basic rights and liberties.